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Often, you give your house keys to your relatives or friends to keep a watch over your property, when you are on a holiday. The same is the case of professorial establishments. For example, your tenant has the spare, some of your employees might have it too. Now what happens when your terms with that person no longer remain smooth following an untoward happening? He or she still has that spare and thus, access to your premises. How do you deal with such situations? Home rekeysolutions from Lake Oswego OR Locksmith Store in Lake Oswego, OR might just be the answer. Our team will retain the lock, but just change the internal mechanism with a new key to boot. The result, the threat that seems to loom at large, fails to bother you again! We have done this for numerous clients giving them protection against,Lake Oswego OR Locksmith Store Lake Oswego, OR 503-809-0106

  • Disgruntled employees
  • Past tenants with a grudge
  • Post theft solutions
  • Lock replacement alternative

What is rekeying?

The rekeyprocedure involves lock internal mechanism removal and replacements with brand new configurations. These designs fit new keys effectively. The changes remain within and as such, there are no evident alterations in the appearance of the lock. Altered configurations render the existing keys useless.

Advantages of rekeying locks-

Cost benefits

By choosing rekeyover replacements, you are saving loads of money. Good quality new locks have a high price today. Why would you make such an investment when the existing one just requires a little tinkering? It involves alterations of pin internal combination. This overhauls the lock completely. You will have a seemingly new lock in your hands without actually paying the same money.

Rekeying enhances your current locks

Rekeyhas a number of advantages that goes beyond the most obvious. The operations of the lock become better once we are through. For starters, we will maintain and lubricate the mechanism so that it works smoothly. Also, we change the tumbler-pin combination of the lock during the process. While doing that, our team might come across minor problems and flaws. We will repair the same. The overall functioning of the locks will improve considerably once we are through.

Rekey to master key system for better security

When you are looking for improved key control, upgrading to a Master Key system through rekeysolutions is a very good option. This way, you get to oversee the use of the keys and even decide who is going to be in charge.

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